Dried Dulse (Palamaria Palmata)- Bacon of the Sea


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The seaweed that tastes like bacon!  There are a number of alternate names for dulse seaweed including sea parsley, dillisk, creathnach, and söl. Formally, the seaweed is identified as Palmaria Palmata. The algae is high in vitamins, especially vitamin B, and it also supplies a lot of fibre and a comparatively large amount of protein.

Dulse is now shipped around the world. In Northern Ireland it is particularly popular along the Antrim Causeway Coast.

Incidentally, don’t confuse the white, powdery substance sometimes found on Dulse as mould;  it’s actually made up of salts an sugars that rise to the surface of the leaf during drying and storage and also responsible for the distinctive umami flavour of seaweed.


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